My own domain.

February 2, 2008

Well; I’ve moved over to my own domain. Kinda weird for someone with no readers… or posts, for that matter…

Meh; I get a free domain, 15,000 Gb of storage, and 150,000 GB of bandwidth as one of my job bennies… may as well use it, eh? Heh… ^_^


No Updates

January 30, 2008

Ah; I’ve been out of WoW for a while, now… so yeah, updates are going to be… well, nil, ’till I’m back in WoW… probably mid-Feb at the earliest.


December 20, 2007

Aaaaaah; it’s about time. Sadly, I dinged while farming clefthoof leather yesterday afternoon… Oh, well- dinging to seventy is dinging to seventy.

Thanks to the kindness of guildies and friends, I had enough mats to immediately make and equip my Strength of the Clefthoof set. I’m still short a couple of gems, but that’s not a huge issue. Now, to start heroics/Kara…


Well, I’m 69 and about 2 bars from 70… I should be really happy about that, but I want to get my Clefthoof set up and running ASAP, as well as start my Epic Flight Form quest chain, along with my wife… but it seems it’ll be a pain to do. I’ve got nearly 1500 gold set aside in my bank/AH alt, but that’s only part of the way to the 5000 or so I’ll need to start the flight form quest, as well as the extra cash I’ll need to gem-up my clefthoof set…

As for the Clefthoof set; I’m getting there… I’ve got 60 or so of the 102 Thick Clefthoof leather I’ll need (I’m making the 3 pieces, and then a Clefthide Leg Armor kit to go along with it.) I also have, thanks to my wonderful, generous wife, 6 of the 16 primal earths, these being the item I hate farming the very most. Druids vs. Elementals is NOT a fun fight. Or rather, not a FAST fight. Clefthoof? If my OoC procs at least once per fight, I can burn through them at a rate of about one every 10-15 seconds. (I call it my tank gear, but my current gear is really more Cat-gear than anything else…)

The rest of the mats I’ll need are trivial, other than the gems to go in the pieces when they’re done; I’m thinking of adding “Shifting” purple gems for the 4 blue sockets, and “Glinting” orange gems to the 4 yellow sockets; I found what I wanted by checking one of my favorite info-sites, the WoW Gem Finder; specifically, by searching for agility yellow, and agility blue

Although, for the gems, I know I really probably ought to be getting “Enduring” gems for all those slots… I just really like the effects of my agility. Dodge, more armor, crit chance… but I DO need the defense to become uncrittable and make my healers happy… and since I’m married to my healer, that’s probably a good plan…

Woot! 68!

December 14, 2007

Let’s see, what to say about 68… oh, yes-


I can’t say how awesome it is to have a completely safe (with the exception of insane, rawrbombing druids like myself) method of travel. Especially in Nagrand. I’m also enjoying being able to dump aggro by jumping in to the Twisting Nether if I’m near the edge of the world, then shift to flight form before I die (Needless to say, this is a LAST resort maneuver, since if I’m late, or if the world is a bit low in the spot I jump… I don’t lose aggro before I die. >.< )

What else about 68? Well, I can start my Kara attunement chain, and continue farming mats for my Clefthoof set, /sigh.  Well, mats, and try to find a way to farm rep for Cenarion Expedition… Oh, Earthwarden, how I covet you.

(Also, if anyone knows a way to add Wowhead popup-links to free sites, I’d LOVE to know how…)

Picking a Tank

December 11, 2007

Amazing! Another day, another post… I’d better be careful, or I might actually become a daily (or more!) poster…

Today’s rant will be about odd spec/playstyle choices… Specifically, Arms/fury warriors who think they’re tanks, and lessons learned…

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Ranting about DPSers

December 10, 2007

Hey, that’s right- I remember something about “Write a post a day.”
Apparently, I meant “At least a post a month.” Yeah. Yeah… when I said Day, I was using the old hebrew phrase that was translated in the modern English Bible as Day, in genesis… and has caused all kinds of confusion. But yeah, that’s a topic for another blog.

Today’s topic of choice? Over-DPSing idiots/noobs/newbies.

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