Woot! 68!

December 14, 2007

Let’s see, what to say about 68… oh, yes-


I can’t say how awesome it is to have a completely safe (with the exception of insane, rawrbombing druids like myself) method of travel. Especially in Nagrand. I’m also enjoying being able to dump aggro by jumping in to the Twisting Nether if I’m near the edge of the world, then shift to flight form before I die (Needless to say, this is a LAST resort maneuver, since if I’m late, or if the world is a bit low in the spot I jump… I don’t lose aggro before I die. >.< )

What else about 68? Well, I can start my Kara attunement chain, and continue farming mats for my Clefthoof set, /sigh.  Well, mats, and try to find a way to farm rep for Cenarion Expedition… Oh, Earthwarden, how I covet you.

(Also, if anyone knows a way to add Wowhead popup-links to free wordpress.com sites, I’d LOVE to know how…)


2 Responses to “Woot! 68!”

  1. loni2shoes Says:


    It’s actually QUITE easy to do and is described in brief detail (since that’s all that’s required) here: http://www.wowhead.com/?powered.

    I assume you have some form of control over your template to the degree that you can insert the necessary js script somewhere on your site (but I haven’t used the free WordPress site before, so I might be wrong). Once you’ve done that, you simply create a standard WoWHead link and apply a style to it to make it the appropriate color (q3 = blue, q4 = purple). Let me know if this works for you!

  2. coralin Says:

    Thanks for the info; I gave it a shot, but unfortunately it seems I have to pay for a “custom CSS upgrade” to make it public; oh, well- something to look forward to when I’m able to set up my own domain ^_-
    Oh; and it’s an HONOR to have a blog-dignitary such as yourself looking at my miniscule little site!

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